Building materials, salvage, and reuse are natural components of green building, contributing to materials stewardship on a project.  Second Use is committed to helping clients and customers incorporate salvage and reuse into their green building projects.  We can also help you document the environmental benefit of your efforts to salvage and reuse materials. Get a glimpse by trying out our environmental impact calculator.

Built Green Certification

In Washington state, BuiltGreen is gaining popularity as a certification system for homes.  To learn more about BuiltGreen, click here.  In this program, a significant number of points can be achieved, salvage of specific materials for reuse.  Further points can be obtained by reaching various thresholds of overall material recovery during deconstruction or demolition.  Reuse of items in the new design can contribute toward points as well, moreso if they are sourced locally.

Documentation of material recovery is essential to achieving these points.  Second Use is happy to support your pursuit of salvage and reuse points toward a BuiltGreen rating for your project.  Start by downloading a BuiltGreen Waste Diversion Plan for your project to get underway.  If you enlist the services of Second Use for salvage or deconstruction on your project, we would be happy to provide documentation of the quantity of material we recover for reuse or recycling.  Just let us know what you need.


Deconstruction Permit

The City of Seattle and some other local jurisdictions are willing to issue a deconstruction permit separate from a building permit, usually within a much shorter timeframe than a full building permit.  This enables you to jumpstart your project and take the time that is needed to recover materials.  In exchange, you agree to recover and document minimum percentages of materials.   Carrying out a deconstruction of a building to be removed can also get you points toward a Built Green certification.


Green Building Resources

Northwest EcoBuilding Guild is an organization that fosters community and education around sustainable building issues.  Search their directory and find local chapters and events.

US Green Building Council is a national organization that develops green building standards.  Learn more about LEED, the USGBC certification system.  Also, you can connect with the regional Cascadia chapter of the USGBC.

Built Green is a certification program for homes, developed by the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties.  You can see the checklists, or download a Waste Diversion Plan as part of your pursuit of a certification.


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