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  • Spring Handmade & Homegrown Market

    When: April 25th, 2015 from 10-4 at Second Use

    Second Use is pleased to announce our freshest community market! Browse the work of over 40 local artisans and propagators just in time to get your garden growing and your one-of-a-kind Mother's Day gift in the mail.

    In addition to unique handmade work and plants galore, the market will feature local food, coffee, and a STOREWIDE Second Use sale!

    For updates, please visit our Facebook Page

  • Call for Vendors | Our Second Annual Handmade Market

    Experience the creativity and skill of over thirty local artisans first hand at Second Use's Second Annual Handmade Market on Saturday, December 13th from 11-4:30. Warm beverages and a store wide sale will accompany this celebration of creativity and resourcefulness within our community. This event is open to the public, all ages, and indoors- we will even turn on the heat! 

    Please promote the creativity of our community through sharing the event with your friends, family, and followers on Facebook.

    Interested in being a vendor? Submit an application by November 13th:

    Vendor Policies:

    WHO: We will select 30 makers from the Seattle community that create beautiful and useful goods by hand. 

    DATE: Saturday, December 13th from 11-4:30 indoors at Second Use in SODO

    DEADLINE: The application deadline is November 13th. Vendors will be notified of their acceptance status within one week of the deadline. 

    JURYING: The show will be juried for the benefit of both the makers and shoppers. It is our goal to offer a diverse mix of quality goods. 

    TIP: Most of our audience is shopping for gifts. Last year, the vendors that offered a selection of reasonably priced wares suitable for small gifts and stocking stuffers did the most business.

    • $25 per vendor per 7' x 7' space. Second Use will take NO cut from your sales.
    • Table and chair available upon request
    • Payment must be made within one week of your acceptance to secure your spot
    • Cash, check, or credit cards are accepted

    • Vendors are required to arrive a minimum of one hour before the event and stay for the duration of the event
    • Vendors that do not sign in by 10:00 am will forfeit their table
    • Second Use encourages the use of salvaged materials but does not tolerate the sale of competing goods. For example, earrings made from chandelier crystals are acceptable; single chandelier crystals are not. 
    • Websites will not be viewed for the jurying process; it is therefore imperative that all required content is uploaded to this form.
    • Vendors are responsible for handling all cash and card transactions. BYO cashbox and card reader. Wifi is limited; it is encouraged to bring a 3G device for card reading.

  • Second Use is Now a Verified Agent for DPD Required Salvage Assessment

    Are you aware of the DPD Required Salvage Assessment in Seattle? As of July 1, 2014, a new requirement mandates that before demolition, homeowners must have a verified agent, such as Second Use, complete a Salvage Assessment. Here are the basics:

    1. If you are planning a demolition or remodeling project that includes demoltion with a scope of work greater than 750 square feet, you are now required to submit a Deconstruction and Salvage Assessment. 

    2. The assessment indicates which of the materials identified in the plan are potentially salvageable, and can be completed free of charge by one of our estimators. 

    3. Material is not required to be salvaged from your project site at this time, but the assessment allows you to be aware of alternatives to waste.

    Don't hesitate to contact our salvage crew (206-763-6929x4) with any questions and to schedule your FREE Salvage Assessment.

    A copy of the Salvage Assessment is avaliable here.



    Second Use has several full time positions avaliable! Please view our ads on Craigslist for further detail:


    Receiving Crew

    Salvage + Yard Crew

    Customer Service + Cashier


    Second Use is a community focused business dedicated to diverting reusable building materials from the landfill and selling them to the public at an affordable cost through our retail outlet. 

    In other words, we go into houses and commercial spaces slated for remodel or demolition and harvest the good stuff (doors, cabinets, windows, appliances, flooring, hardware) to prevent it from going to waste. We haul it back to our retail store (located in SODO) and sell it to the public for a fraction of the cost they would buy new. Our staff shares a motivation to battle waste, an interest in old stuff, a strong work ethic, and general sense of humor. 

    We work (4) 10 hour days, which for the wrong candidate may prove to be exhausting, but in our eyes, affords us eternal 3-day weekends. 


    -Paid time off 
    -Employee discount 
    -Quarterly store credit dividends 

    If you've read the full job descriptions on Craigslist and think you are right for the position, please email your cover letter and resume to:

  • Call for Sumbissions | Art + Design Competition

    Second Use challenges all artists, craftsmen, tinkerers, dabblers, dreamers, and schemers to show us your skills by participating in our annual Art + Design Competition. This year, we're raising the stakes with more prizes and a creative twist: the requirement to use at least one salvaged tropical knee brace from our store in your art or design piece.

    Work will be exhibited and voted on by the public at our Fall Festival on September 20th at our store. Winners will be announced at 5PM.
    More information about the Art + Design Competition, including the lowdown on prizes, rules, submission forms, and deadlines are available on the Second Use Fall Fest website.

  • Save the Date | Fall Fest 2014 | September 20th | 2-6 PM

    Second Use is turning 20 and we can't think of a better way to celebrate than bringing back our legendary Fall Festival and opening it up to the entire community.  Join us for a fun-filled day of activities and entertainment including:

    • 20% Off Our Entire Inventory
    • Free Food
    • Family Friendly Games
    • Live Music
    • Art + Design Competition
    • Light Shop Tours
    • Prizes Galore
    • And Much More

    For more information, check out the Second Use Fall Fest website and please spread the word. All are welcome!

  • Why We Salvage by Sheena Hewett

    We are pleased to feature a post written by our in house design consultant, Sheena Hewett. This post originally appeared on her personal blog. Infuse your project with Sheena's salvage expertise by setting up a consultation today. Rates begin at $45/hour.

    Salvage is a few things today in 2014. To start, it is a culture. Resourceful people use things through its lifecycle, cleaning, fixing, and caring for it all the way to the end. Salvage is also a response to the consumerist tendencies of the public and market since industrialization and the development of mass-manufacturing. It is also just one response or facet to the sustainability movement which has taken hold in the building and design communities locally and, across the world.

    There are many reasons why one might choose to salvage but time definitely is not one of them. It is often much easier or faster to go out and buy a new “one”, whatever that “one” might be. If you do choose to fix that thing you’re learning or practicing skills. You have the opportunity to learn from someone or teach someone that skill. When you fix or build something you gain satisfaction knowing you built that thing and hopefully you saved something from being collected at your local landfill, buried in the earth or crushed into a cube, loaded onto a ship, transported to half way around the world, added to their dump piles, set on fire, toxic smoke rising into the sky, ashes tossed around or inhaled by people and animals. By salvaging you have just avoided that entire scenario.

    When you look at a map and locate a salvage yard you can often identify the reuse community around or in close proximity to it. If you cannot, you will be able to find it soon enough. Many who don’t know of this phenomenon yet will learn from someone at sometime soon because it catches like wildfire. One salvage yard crops up starting a revolution, others come by its magical powers and discover this long buried love for finding that treasure or deal. Soon these people are opening their own salvage companies and not really competing, but collaborating because let's face it, today there is more than enough "junk" to go around!


    No matter where you choose to shop salvage you’re likely saving money and with good reason. That light fixture you’re buying as it sits at the time of your purchase has a little less life in it than it did brand new. Maybe it needs to be rewired, perhaps it is missing one or all of its bobeches… above all and for everyone’s sanity, I hope it hasn’t been painted.

    I personally don’t have much money. I pay bills, student loans, buy food, but I have this uncontrollable urge to create and build things and I enjoy working with constraints. 

    Using salvage and choosing when to "splurge" on new or special items allows me to create, to explore, practice, and hone skills, to beautify my world in more than one way. I feel great about repurposing "trash" or "junk" into something funtional and beautiful. I love the accomplished feeling I get when I complete something and tell people about it... even better when I sell it! I just hope this inspires someone to start that project, find something old, learn something new, and create something wonderful then tell someone about it. 

  • Second Use Design Services

    If you are seeking design direction on a specific salvage project, consider hiring a salvage design specialist. Second Use's in-house designer Sheena Hewett offers a wide range of design services including schematic spacial designs; full service custom furniture design and build; material and product matching; and much more.
    Discover the financial, environmental, and architectural benefits of salvage by setting up a consultation with Sheena today. Rates start at $45/hr.
    EMAIL |   CALL |  206-763-6929   READ | Sheena's Blog


  • FREE Workshop | Designing with Salvaged Materials with Hammer Like a A Girl

    Sunday, May 18th | 11-12:30 | At Second Use | FREE

    Do you wander through Second Use wondering and wishing you could repurpose some of the awesome stuff into your home or life, but end up leaving it all behind for another day – again?

    Heidi, Monica and Mary Jean, creators of the DIY blog Hammer Like A Girl, will be here to share some of their projects and tips to help you envision and then reshape salvaged materials into unique home improvements and functional art. Their projects range from transforming a discarded old car jack into a light fixture, to reusing multiple materials collected (sometimes stored for years) into a bathroom remodel that will knock your socks off.

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  • The Second Use Material Compensation Guide

    We are frequently asked about how we compensate for materials. Here is a quick guide to your options the next time you make a drop off:

    Pass it on – just get rid of it already!  Save on dump fees, feel good about passing along something useable, and help us fulfill our mission as a community partner.  This is always the quickest, no-hassle way to drop off your materials at Second Use, and we’ll always take the widest range of materials for donation.  Visit our Acceptance Policy for more details.

    Ask for a tax receipt for your donation to support Habitat for Humanity.  Looking to itemize your deductions this year?  We can accept charitable donations on behalf of Habitat for Humanity.  We’ll retail the materials, give HfH half of the sale price, and you’ll get a charitable donation receipt with an itemized list of your donations.

    Sell your materials for store credit or cash.  So you’ve got the good stuff?  We’ll pay cash or store credit for materials that are in good condition and of good quality, and we’ll pay even more if they are in high demand.  If your materials fall in the “Marginal Styles” category in our Acceptance Policy, we probably won’t be able to invest in them, but we would still love to save them!

    For that special find, we’ll consign.  Do you have something so special that it might take a little time to find the right buyer?  We can offer a consignment arrangement for a unique, high-value, or otherwise special item where we may not want to invest up front, and the seller is looking for maximum value.  We reserve the right to decline consignments, so please seek approval via emailed photos prior to loading up, and, while you won’t need an appointment, keep in mind that a consignment transaction takes longer than other drop-offs.

    For additional questions, don't hestiate to contact our Receiving Department directly at 206-763-6929 x3 or