New Store Announcements

  • Posted 10/27/2012

    Who: Second Use Building Materials

    What: We've moved!

    When: We opened the new store Thursday, Oct. 11.

  • Posted 10/26/2012

    Leaving South Park was a mixed bag for Second Use staff. Everyone was excited about the new space and the opportunity it would bring, but it was very sad to leave the community that had become home 15 years earlier. However, we took solace in the fact that we would only be three miles north, and we hope our South Park friends will come with us to the new space. 

  • Posted 10/9/2012

    Please see below for a schedule of events for the final stretch of Second Use's move to SoDo.

  • Posted 10/2/2012

    One of the most dramatic differences between the old space and the new space is the uniformly colored racking. Staff has spent hours on end scraping, sanding and painting our many racks. The hope is that it will decrease Second Use's visual noise and allow customers to view merchandise better. There was a lot of discussion about whether it was worth the huge labor investment, but staff feels it was worth it. It gives the new space a much brighter, polished look.

  • Posted 9/26/2012

    The long-awaited racking has been put into place. On a sidebar, Receiving Crew member Sheena is adorable.


    Posted 9/26/2012


  • Posted 9/25/2012

    Slowly but surely, the new store in SoDo is taking shape. Visitors are starting to see hints of what it will look like when it's fully functional. For example, there is now a sliding door to the customer check-out area, the warehouse is beginning to fill up, and most importantly, racking arrived! At long last, we can begin to fill the shelves and spaces.

  • Posted 9/20/2012

    Second Use's final moving sale is in full swing! Visit the South Park store from now until its closure in early October for huge blow-outs. That includes

  • Posted 9/14/2012

    Let there be light! Second Use is very proud to show off its just-built lighting grid at the new space in SoDo. It will hold 115 hanging lights in one consolidated area. This new set-up will make it easier to view what's available and pick out favorites. Receiving Crew lead Wes Isbell designed it with his background in structural engineering.

  • Posted 9/12/2012

    Mark your calendars for Saturday, Oct. 13 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., when we will host our grand opening party in the new SoDo location. We'll provide snacks, music and sales. Everything in the store will be 10 percent off. Come one, come all!

  • Posted 9/4/2012

    It's starting to look like a real store! See more pictures of the customer check-out area coming together. Windows are up, the roof is on, and there is a door to the main part of the warehouse.