New Light Grid in SoDo Space

Let there be light! Second Use is very proud to show off its just-built lighting grid at the new space in SoDo. It will hold 115 hanging lights in one consolidated area. This new set-up will make it easier to view what's available and pick out favorites. Receiving Crew lead Wes Isbell designed it with his background in structural engineering. Arguably most remarkable about the lighting grid is the fact that though it's hanging by overhead chains, Isbell designed it such that it will not swing-- a huge asset when dealing with fragile lights. Also remarkable is the fact that some of the wood came from salvaged car decking, right in the building. Workers removed a mezzanine from the warehouse, but its car decking was salvageable. With his background in woodworking, staffer Luke Gentry prepped and assembled the salvaged wood.


Posted 9/14/2012