Did you know?

Six trains, each more than a mile long, leave Seattle every week, bound for distant landfills. At least a quarter of this waste is a result of building construction and demolition.

Reusing a single cast iron bathtub saves enough energy to drive a Humvee from Seattle to Spokane. It also keeps 450 lbs of CO2 out of our atmosphere.

Reusing building materials...

  • Reduces the volume of waste going to landfills
  • Saves the energy required to manufacture new items. Try our environmental impact calculator.
  • Keeps pieces of our rich architectural heritage out of the trash

Using salvaged materials in your next project...

  • Saves you money. Our materials are often 40-60% the price of equivalent new items
  • Gives your project personality. Older items often exude character and have a story to tell
  • Allows using vintage items, often of higher quality, that are no longer produced
  • Supports a local economy and a local business

Salvaging materials from your project...

  • Saves you disposal fees
  • Saves you labor. We may be able to pick up or remove items from your project
  • May put money in your pocket. We pay cash or store credit for certain items
  • Helps qualify your project as "green"
  • Is just good karma