Deconstruction and Salvage Assessment Now Required by City of Seattle for Remodel and Demolition

As of July 1, 2014, a new City of Seattle requirement mandates that before demolition or remodel, homeowners must have a verified agent, such as Second Use, complete a Deconstruction & Salvage Assessment

Here are the basics:

1. If you are planning a demolition or remodeling project that includes demoltion with a scope of work greater than 750 square feet, you are now required to submit a Deconstruction and Salvage Assessment. 

2. The assessment indicates which of the materials identified in the plan are potentially salvageable, and can be completed free of charge by one of our estimators. 

3. Material is not required to be salvaged from your project site at this time, but the Deconstruction and Salvage Assessment allows you to be aware of alternatives to waste. Salvage is not only beneficial to the enviornment, but reduces the cost of the waste and demolition charges for the homeowner and contractor. 

4. Our experienced salvage crew works five days a week to help you complete your Deconstruction and Salvage Assessment with efficency. 

For further information or to schedule your FREE Deconstruction and Salvage Assessment, please call our Salvage Services crew at 206-763-6929 x 4 or email them at