Contractor Success Stories

  • Despite a bug-infested roof, a change order that required stabilizing the hillside, and a large snow storm, our first deconstruction project on Lake City Way was successful. 

  • On the short list of reasons to go through the effort to completely deconstruct a building is WOOD.  This barn in the Redmond area northeast of Seattle had a lot of wood in it.  Good reusable wood.  The structure was being cleared away by the contractor,

  • Demolition doesn't just happen to old, falling down buildings. Sometimes it happens to newer homes that no longer serve the owners' needs.

  • Fortunately the church, which was built in 1906, was not demolished but was instead redeveloped into a 12-19 unit condominium.

  • Second Use worked with a local demolition company to save material from this 1920's apartment building. In addition to saving on disposal fees, the demolition company received payment for the material that Second Use removed from the 56 unit building.

  • Since early 2007, Second Use has been working with a local building materials supplier that also sells material in Hawaii.  Before learning about our services, they were simply throwing away the material.  But we've been able to divert their doors, windows, appliances, and cabinetry

  • When 2 houses were scheduled for demolition in the Alki neighborhood of Seattle, the demolition company called Second Use to remove built-in fir cabinetry, fir flooring, stained glass, doors, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and vintage hardware.

  • This 1920's building was once featured on the annual tour of run-down rental housing, but there was still a lot of material to save when the developers opted to demolish the building. Most of the units boasted vintage wedgewood ranges and clawfoots tubs.