We have updated our pricing to recycle paint at our facilities. We are pleased to continue to collect latex paint to be recycled by GreenSheen, a paint recycling business with a location in Kent, serving the greater Puget Sound region. Unlike most items we collect, we do charge to drop-off paint, to cover the costs of storage and recycling. The charge is by the size of container, not the amount of paint inside. GreenSheen, and therefore Second Use, can only accept paint that has not dried and is in its original container, that does not contain mixed contents.

Fee for the collection of latex paint by container size:


  • 1 Quart: $2
  • 1 Gallon: $5
  • 5 Gallons: $20


GreenSheen recycles 90% of all latex paint collected, including the cans; so the reduction of waste is significant.

To recycle paint in Seattle, pull in to the loading zone (not materials drop-off) and check-in at the customer service desk to find an employee to help. To recycle paint in Tacoma, pull in to the loading/receiving zone and an employee will help you out there too.

Find more information about our paint recycling and recycled paint to purchase here.