Tulum Mahogany Archway

$ 108.00 $ 85.00

Archway from Tulum up in Green Lake. It's constructed of SOLID joined mahogany on the side with the aplique--no particle board, no plywood, just Philippine mahogany with a reddish stain. There is finish grade plywood with a matching stain on the back side. Thickness includes the appliqué, but not the "pin" that I think would have fit in one of the columns (hit the "View more items from this job" link just below this description to check them out). Width & length (height, in this case) are for the mahogany side. It would be good to bring your tape down and make sure we're measuring the same things before taking this one home.

Item: 1083743-S

Location: Seattle

Rack: NORTH 3 A

Quantity: 1

Thickness: 5.75 in.
Width: 55.25 in.
Length: 27.875 in.

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