Antique China Sink & Marble Counter

$ 995.00

This Vitreous China sink (and the faucets in the countertop) was made by the W.S. Cooper Brass Works based out of Philadelphia. W.S. Cooper was purchased by Walls, Owen & Stambach in June 1907, although they were most popular in the 1890s, which is when I'd guess this sink was made. The countertop that comes with the sink appears to be genuine solid marble, and as mentioned, the countertop has faucets by W.S. Cooper installed. The faucets aren't magnetic and their weight leads us to think that they may be brass coated with nickel, and may need a bit of TLC to get them back into proper working order, which may be worthwhile given their age. It was previously wall-mounted, and the arms will be provided alongside the sink and counter. The sink is under-mounted, which is surprising given the cute floral relief detailing around the rim- some of the bolts used to affix the sink to the counter are still attached, so you could go to the hardware store, get the remaining bolts and some epoxy to reassemble everything. Everything appears to be in great condition for 115+ year old fixtures, but both the sink and the counter could use a good, hardy scrub down. The sink is in remarkable condition, only some scratches on the underside, while the basin itself is unchipped, scratched, and has no pitting around the drain. The counter, while in great shape for its estimated age, has some chips along the edges and a crack running from the basin hole to its backside, across the stopper hole. Dimensions listed are for the sink alone. Dimensions for the counter are as follows: Width 33.125", Depth 22", Thickness 1.25".

Item: 1125623-S

Location: Seattle


Quantity: 1

Width: 19 in.
Depth: 15.25 in.
Height: 12 in.
Bowl Depth: 6.25 in.

Condition: Good

Color: White

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