Mammoth Boeing Work Bench

$ 195.00

This absolutely enormous work bench comes with an abundance of features AND lore. It was once used in the autopilot shop within Boeing and comes with its 1962 typed manual. According to the kind folks who inherited this beast, it was, seemingly very casually, taken from Boeing by a wily employee who then used it at home for decades to follow. How you walk out of Boeing with this behemoth is a mystery to me, but hats off to the human who made it happen! The bench itself has built-in power (at least 11 outlets!), two storage drawers, and removable panels on the backside for convenient access. Not to mention the sweet panel in the center, which is hinged and has a cool chrome handle so you can get in there and fuss with wiring and whatnot. If you've got space for it, this is a super cool, functional piece of history that is built well enough to outlast us all.

Item: 1196019-S

Location: Seattle


Quantity: 1

Width: 108.875 in.
Length: 34.375 in.
Height: 54 in.

Condition: Good

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