K&E Alignment Telescope

$ 1495.00

From the historic Foss Tugboat Shipyard in Queen Anne, this autocollimating alignment telescope is primarily used in surveying and engineering. It came to us in a sweet orange case and bears a sticker confirming it was calibrated in 2021. This model, 71-2022 was originally made by Keuffel & Esser, which became Cubic Precision, which was then bought by Brunson. Brunson still makes it today and it retails for $29,952. That is not a typo! There are some refurbished ones selling for $8,600, and one listed on Ebay for $5,000. I also found the original owner's manual online. Here's a snippet from Brunson with more info:

It is designed specifically to make measurements of deviations from a reference line, and secondarily, to provide an extremely straight optical reference line for any number of alignment applications. It has two built-in optical micrometers which measure at right angles to each other. They allow measurement of lateral shifts perpendicularly from the line of sight, in both the horizontal and vertical directions.

Item: 1197395-S

Location: Seattle


Quantity: 1

Width: 2.75 in.
Length: 17.5 in.

Condition: Good

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