Teredo Boomstick Garden Stool

$ 45.00

Kick off your boots or whittle the day away on your brand new old growth fir stool, formerly the cap of a long-submerged boomstick, each with a rich history & many tales of nautical Northwest passersby. Despite appearances, this is the polar opposite of a stump, having spent much of its life as a wooden monolith, a periscope without a lens, a chain running through its maw, and its trunk housing the stowaways we know as the Teredo clam (don't worry, they're out now) -- for the inquisitive out there, you can get a crosscut view of the clam's stunning tunneling through the bookmatched sets, mantel caps, and rough cut planks we generally have for sale at each 2U location by searching simply for 'Teredo'. All sourced & milled by one local salvage champion's operation. Giving your yard a touch of the Sound couldn't be any easier than this.

Item: 547494-T

Location: Tacoma

Rack: YARD

Quantity: 1

Width: 14 in.
Length: 25.75 in.

Time in Stock: Less than 1 month

Condition: Good

Job Number: 120J0286

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