1×6 S4S “Blue Stain” Fir

$ 3.75/LF

Sold by the linear foot, which means the price of $3.75 is PER FOOT. Therefore, an 8 foot stick is $30 before tax. Beautiful flatstock Douglas fir, recently reclaimed from dock pilings in South Lake Washington, surfaced on all four sides, ready to be finished and put in place. This material was salvaged by the same green-building heavyweight lumber guru that brings in the famed Teredo lumber. The logs these particular boards originate from were driven deep in the bottom of the lake for 60-100 years. So, what’s this ‘blue stain’ then? Bit of a misnomer, really. You’ve probably heard the term used with pine. That’s a (mostly harmless) fungus; this is different. Our working theory is as follows: in the depths of the lake, entering through the pith of the knots on the edges of the logs, anaerobic bacteria wanders onto the scene. Doug fir’s sapwood has antimicrobial properties, but not the heartwood - so what you’ll see in most of these boards is a slow gradient of deeper to lighter blue/gray coloration, permeating the heartwood and largely making no impact on the outer layers. Inside the log, microscopic life marches upward, toward the surface. The higher you go, the lighter the coloration. Oxygen claims this territory, and the bacteria must put up a fight to continue on. This process takes decades; even boards left in the water for fifty years do not see the full & drastic change in appearance. There’s no substitute for time in nature. All this activity of life has no discernible impact on the integrity of the lumber, and as the joint forces of oxygen and the kiln have put an end to any further disturbance, what you see is locked into the wood. Now, what all this means for you, the savvy Second Use customer, is that you have before you a ready-to-go unique stock of lumber for your project, locally reclaimed and with a fascinating story to tell. And it looks amazing with a clear coat. Limited run; primarily 8' planks. As this is a bulk item, it cannot be placed on hold. Come see us and grab yours!

Item: 568146-T

Location: Tacoma

Rack: Rack F4

Quantity: 1215 LF

Thickness: 0.75 in.
Width: 5.5 in.

Time in Stock: More than 1 month

Condition: Excellent

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