Marble Laughing Buddha – Budai/Hotei

$ 995.00

Budai is a semi-historical Chinese monk who is venerated as a Diety in Buddhist Tradition. He is known to be the diety of Happiness, Plenty & good luck.

This is a marble statue of Budai/Hotei/Pu-Tai... Real Marble, not the painted on kind, and is lovingly rendered. The Belly is opulently rounded and punctuated by a realistic navel. In his left hand he holds his traditional cloth bag, in the right, a string of beads. The drapery of his cloak, which falls from the shoulder in cascading bunches, accentuates the rotundity of the form, while showing off the sculptor's skill at their craft. We've never had a representation of Budai in marble before, and this one is so pleasing in all respects. He longs for an auspicious location where passersby will venerate him and offer him snacks and love.

This statue has seen a couple of bumps and knocks in its life, but overall, is in wonderful condition. Models similar in stature, with no accounting for taste, sell for upwards of $2500 and this one is a class act. Bring him home and get let the good fortune circulate!

Item: 766513-S

Location: Seattle

Rack: NORTH 2 A

Quantity: 1

Width: 19 in.
Length: 17 in.
Thickness: 21 in.

Time in Stock: More than 1 month

Condition: Excellent

Job Number: 120J4285

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