[Edit 1.31.15: Here’s another throwback post from the good old days and the original blog. If only Rodney knew when he was writing this that it would be republished in the future, he may not have been just so sad.]

Blog….guess most blogs mean people keep up with them. We’re still trying to figure that out. Do we make a post for every mundane vanity and vinyl window pick up? Do we talk about how routine the last strip out was with the 6 doors, 2 vanities, and small oak kitchen cabinet set? Do we post about pending projects…only to jinx them?  Maybe after lugging 8′ vanities with slate countertops down two flights of stairs we’re too tired to write about it.

What to do…what to do?

We did recently finished two jobs with really nice cabinetry(job 1009j7230 & job 1009j6509), but by the time you read this most of it will be gone. We fail.

Maybe the readers that follow this blog could give us some ideas. What would you like to hear about? Is there anything you’re curious about? Is there anything you’d like to know other then proper lifting techniques?

We will definitely be more prompt in writing about future materials/projects that are set in stone…thereby keeping you informed of fresh new material coming into the store…even if it means busting out a lock and chain and forcing someone to write!