Material Compensation Guide

How do we compensate for materials? We have several ways to compensate:

Pass it on – just get rid of it already!

Save on dump fees, feel good about passing along something useable, and help us fulfill our mission as a community partner.  This is always the quickest, no-hassle way to drop off your materials at Second Use, and we’ll always take the widest range of materials for donation.  Visit our Acceptance Policy for more details.

Ask for a tax receipt for your donation to support Habitat for Humanity.

Looking to itemize your deductions this year?  We can accept charitable donations on behalf of Habitat for Humanity.  We’ll retail the materials, give HfH half of the sale price, and you’ll get a charitable donation receipt with an itemized list of your donations.

Sell your materials for store credit or cash.

So you’ve got the good stuff?  We’ll pay cash or store credit for materials that are in good condition and of good quality, and we’ll pay even more if they are in high demand.  If your materials fall in the “Marginal Styles” category in our Acceptance Policy, we probably won’t be able to invest in them, but we would still love to save them!

For that special find, we’ll consign.

Do you have something so special that it might take a little time to find the right buyer?  We can offer a consignment arrangement for a unique, high-value, or otherwise special item where we may not want to invest up front, and the seller is looking for maximum value.  We reserve the right to decline consignments, so please seek approval via emailed photos prior to loading up, and, while you won’t need an appointment, keep in mind that a consignment transaction takes longer than other drop-offs.

For additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Receiving Department directly:

206-763-6929 x3 or [email protected]

253-267-0820 or [email protected]

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