[Edit 1.31.15: Here’s another throwback post from the good old days and the original blog]

This summer is turning out to be one of many school jobs.

This last week found us at a couple of schools in the area. We started at McMicken Elementary over in Tukwila where we got a jump on the asbestos people and salvaged a lot of fir.

And if pulling and denailing tons of trim wasn’t exciting enough…we got to witness the local SWAT team practicing their bomb detonations! Yes…we showed up to the job one morning and there they were in full regalia setting up bombs on concrete walls to practice blowing holes in them. They tried several attempts at the concrete wall with no effect…then after lunch they told us they were putting a triple charge on it!!! As if one charge wasn’t loud enough. They were quite determined to make a hole in that wall. So we stopped down to witness this triple charge explosion. Let me tell you…Ka-Boom!! Car alarms in the neighborhood went off, those without earplugs surely had ringing ears, birds from miles around scattered…it was quite dramatic. As far as the concrete wall goes though…they put about an 8 inch hole in it and the concrete on the backside flew in chunks up to about 100 feet away.
We ended the week by heading down to Tacoma to salvage as much as we could of a gym at Curtis Jr. High. No bombs going off there, but they were demoing all the buildings around us. Wasn’t too much left other then lots and lots of lockers. If you’ve been contemplating opening up that gym or boxing club…we have all the lockers you need.