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[Edit 1.29.15: Here’s another throwback post from the good old days and the original blog]

The 2nd Use field crew just wrapped up work at Fire Station #2 on 4th Ave in downtown Seattle.  This beautiful building, which was built in 1921, was designated as a historic property in 1985.  It is the oldest operating fire station in the City.

We were hired by the general contractor to salvage 1300 sq. Ft. of fir flooring  that is being utilized in the design of the renovation.

The flooring we salvaged back to the general contractor will be remilled and used as paneling in the renovation.

In addition to this work, we were able to salvage materials for resale at our store, including 3.25” fir flooring, plumbing fixtures, appliances. fire engine red craftsman doors, lockers and other interesting items.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the cool old fire poles… those are being reinstalled.