Second Use Crew Throwback

[01.29.15] Edit: You are about to read our original blogpost, first published March 20th, 2009. Although a lot has changed since 2009, we’re proud to say our Field Crew (now called “Salvage Services Crew”) is still getting their hands dirty removing material 5 days a week, and although the others have moved on, is still led by Flynn Bickley!

Wow…who would have thought management would have given the field crew free reign to vent our thoughts!! Let’s see if they end up regretting this decision….

Who or what is the “field crew” you may ask? Let’s start with “field.” We’re on the road 5 days a week either picking things up from jobsites or getting our hands dirty removing materials.

And “crew”…well…let’s say we’re a rag tag group of folks. Our crew consists of artists, musicians, craftsmen, brewers, and more. We’re all united for the same cause…to support each other as we carry claw foot tubs, refrigerators, and/or massive cabinets down 2 flights of stairs and halfway down the block (because we couldn’t park in front!).

Surprisingly no one has needed any major back surgery yet. Let’s meet them, shall we?

Flynn Bickley
How has being a salvage worker influenced how you look at buildings and homes?
“I’ve heard several of my coworkers say, and I agree, that it’s hard not to go into any structure without having some internal dialogue about what could be salvaged and how you would salvage it. As a builder may go into a building and see the steps that go into its construction, a salvager sees that same building coming apart carefully.”

Rodney Breyer
What is the coolest thing you’ve ever salvaged?
“We salvaged a Beacon Hill mansion built in 1910. It had these really cool Batchelder corbels supporting the mantle. They popped off, intact, into my hands with very little effort!”

Vince Kallberg, Jr.
What’s the best part of your job?
“Bringing all the cool old stuff back for people to reuse and give it a new life.”

Jeff Sell
What’s your favorite power tool?
“The sawzall!!”

Zachariah Langhauser
What is your most memorable customer interaction?
“Buddy, the 3 legged dog (Tripod).”

Ross Lambert
What’s your favorite part about the job?
“Seeing how things are put together. And then taking them apart.”

We hope that this blog will develop over time into a great source of information.  And, if we have our way, it will definitely be entertaining!