This month, we would like to recognize our former co-worker and dear friend, Chris Foss, who recently celebrated his last day at Second Use.  He is already sorely missed, but we are excited that he is committing full-time to further growing his own business.
Foss Appraisal Services is a full-service personal property appraisal company offering their clients a wide variety of appraisal services, ranging from antiques to fine art to jewelry and used building materials.  There are many purposes for getting a Foss appraisal including:
  • Insurance
  • Replacement Value
  • Divorce Settlement
  • Donations for Tax Benefits
  • Estate Settlement
  • and Personal Interest

The appraisers at Foss Appraisal are members of the International Society of Appraisers, the Certified Appraisers Guild of America, and the Gemological Institute of America.

While considering your next remodel or demolition project with Second Use you should take into consideration the potential benefits of donating the salvageable materials to Habitat for Humanity, through Second Use.  When making such a donation, an appraisal is required by the IRS if the value is over $5000.  Foss Appraisal Service meets the IRS standard for completing the required appraisal.
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