Look at this guy… Look at his face… I don’t think he gets this excited when his team wins a hockey match.

Big Tim rolled into receiving yesterday with 100 cabinets stuffed into the International Box Van – These are uninstalled, mis-ordered and returned cabinets from a local distributor.

I heard a rumor he’s going back for a second load today….

Last week the field crew finished salvage work on Phase 2 of the Nathan Hale High School Renovation Project in Seattle. We were there back in June ’09 – and scheduled to go back for Phase 3 this summer.

Phase 2 was expected to be a modest clear-out of cabinets, until the G.C. change-ordered the locker rooms into our laps – the happy result of this is locker baskets!

Rivaled only by the carpet square in the annals of 2nd Use Impulse Buy history… We’ve already sold hundreds of this lot, but there’s still hundreds left at the time of this posting.

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