Ask any Second Use employee, and he’ll tell you the store receives calls every day from people looking to donate their paint. Staff members have always wished they had a good outlet to keep paint from going to waste, but the store just doesn’t have the space to store the copious amounts of paint offered and the resources to transport the paint elsewhere. Second Use unfortunately turns people’s used paint away all the time.

However, that’s changing April 16 and 17. For that Saturday and Sunday only– no exceptions- in conjunction with Second Use’s painting workshop, staff will collect customers’ used paint. It must be usable (not dried out), and it must be latex. Second Use reserves the right to turn away paint that is not in good condition. Staff will divide the paint between a graffiti-removal program in White Center and Reed Painting Company, which is leading a novel campaign to find uses for used paint.

So help us save paint from ending up in the landfill. But remember, it’s one weekend only!