In May, Second Use received copious amounts of bleacher board from Franklin High School in Mount Baker.  The pieces hold a little piece of Seattle history. Franklin High School is the alma mater of shooting guard for the Dallas Mavericks Jason Terry, point guard for the Houston Rockets Aaron Brooks, and jazz musician Kenny G. The boards are up for grabs and vary in price, listed below. For more information about getting your hands on the board, call in (206-763-6929 x0).

1 ¾ x 10 7/8 – $2.50/linear foot

1 ¼ x 10 7/8 – $2/linear foot

1 x 8 ¼ – $1.50/linear foot

¾ x 8 5/8 – $1/linear foot

steps – $3/each

Posted 6/2/2011