It’s that time of year again. See the information and forms below to participate in Second Use’s salvage art contests.

Second Use Fall Festival 2011
Call for Entries


Contest #1   The Art of Salvage (Original Artwork)

Painting, sculpture, mixed media or functional objects created using salvaged materials. Second Use materials encouraged. Include a 25 word or less statement with your art, in addition to labeling it with your name and the project’s title.
*The piece should be easy to move and display. Wall-hung art must be ready to hang with wires or hooks firmly attached to the piece. Provide a pedestal for sculpture, if possible. Second Use will display larger pieces subject to available space.

Contest #2 Salvage Design Challenge (Project Gallery)

Submit one to four photos on an 8 ½ x 11” card stock page, featuring your recent building project with salvaged materials. Label it with your name and project title. A 25 word or less description on a 3 x 5” card should accompany your entry.
*Second Use will print off photos for display, if sent in electronically. If you have special printing requirements, you must print the photos yourself.

First prize                    $125 store credit (All credit good for one year from award)

Second prize                  $75 store credit

Third prize                     $50 store credit

A special judge’s pic prize will also be awarded

Participants can send forms to Second Use electronically at [email protected] or by mail to 7953 2nd Ave S. Seattle, WA  98108, Attn: Flynn/Keri.

  • Sept. 9 – deadline to submit your entry form
  • Sept. 5 – 14, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. – all pieces for the Art of Salvage contest must be fully protected and hand-delivered to Second Use
  • Sept. 14 – deadline to submit photos for the Salvage Design Challenge contest electronically or in person
  • Sept. 18 – 24 – participants in the Art of Salvage contest must retrieve their pieces


Second Use holds its salvage art contest in conjunction with the annual Fall FestivalSaturday, Sept. 17. Attendees will vote on their favorite pieces, and staff will announce the winners that afternoon at the event.
More Information

For more information, e-mail [email protected] or call 206-763-6929 and ask for Flynn or Keri.

Posted 6/29/2011