Sure, you can’t exactly stuff granite or a paneled door into a stocking. However, if you think outside of the box, you might be able to find a few Second Use items to stuff those stockings. Here are some ideas:

  • Glass door knobs, just because a friend on Facebook told us when she was younger, she used to think they were giant diamonds
  • Glass or brass door knobs, to be made into ornaments
  • Chandelier crystals, to be made into earrings or other jewelry
  • Second Use gift cards
  • Second Use t-shirts
  • Knob wine stoppers, like this one
  • Skelton keys, for jewelry or just because they’re cool
  • Escutcheons, for bracelets
  • An assortment of knobs, for a person to assemble a coat rack
  • Numbers (from the house number drawer) that may have special meaning for the person receiving the gift

Got any ideas? Send them to [email protected].

Posted 12/2/2011