The construction work continues at the old Alaskan Copper- new Second Use- building in SoDo. With a little luck, the contractor work will wrap up at the expected early-September deadline. At that point, the big move can really get underway. In the meantime, here what’s going on with the construction phase:

It isn’t easy removing cabinets, doors, granite and appliances for salvage. In addition to the sheer strength of Field Crew member Flynn Bickley, it also takes some specialized tools to get the job done. We’ve begun building a special shed to house the Field Crew’s tools, in addition to the tools that staff uses around the store. Today, Pat Mitchell worked on the roof.


Painters have begun work on the side of the building. They are first painting the south side of the building with Second Use’s branded charcoal grey. Later, there will be accents of the company’s terra cotta and lime green. (Imagine how the building would look if it was entirely lime green!) With some sides of the building visible to buses and trains, there has been some discussion about painting a creative mural on one side of the building. But for now, we’re moving forward with the simple, clean look.

If you’ve visited Second Use during the winter, you know that the store can get chilly. Warehouses have limited climate control to begin with, but the chill is made worse by the large open doors required for moving big items in and out of vehicles. Though we can’t solve the entire problem, we can give you a warm space to think through your purchase. This customer lounge will have tables, chairs, a vending machine, coffee, tea, and most importantly, heat! It will also have two customer bathrooms, which you can see getting framed below. Store manager Calyn Hostetler has been the lead planner of the customer area. If you have any suggestions for the space, e-mail her at [email protected].

Posted 8/14/2012