Second Use will be open on Easter Sunday, April 8, during the regular hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. This year, we’re offering a special sale for those who take a break from their eggs and chocolate and ham. Come in on Sunday, and you have the chance of drawing a coupon for up to 25 percent off your entire purchase.

Mention this special when you’re at the register, and the cashier will present an Easter basket with plastic eggs. Each egg has a different sale coupon in it, in addition to some candy. Draw an egg, and get a discount. It’s that easy! (We would have loved to hide the eggs and have you hunt for them, but we worried about safety. The best hiding spots would likely lead to climbing, crawling and moving items.) Here is the sale breakdown:

  • 1 egg will have a coupon for 25 percent off
  • 7 eggs will have coupons for 20 percent off
  • 11 eggs will have coupons for 15 percent off
  • 14 eggs will have coupons for 10 percent off
  • 17 eggs will have coupons for 5 percent off

Remember, you have to mention this sale at the register to get the discount.Enjoy your holidays, and we hope to see you at the store!

Posted 4/5/2012