Slowly but surely, the new store in SoDo is taking shape. Visitors are starting to see hints of what it will look like when it’s fully functional. For example, there is now a sliding door to the customer check-out area, the warehouse is beginning to fill up, and most importantly, racking arrived! At long last, we can begin to fill the shelves and spaces.

Speaking of filling the spaces, visitors can see inventory trickling in. Staff has prepped shades and hanging lights, and there is one lonely rack of stone in the warehouse. In the largest supply is doors. In the picture below, Michael Armstrong’s dog, Maxwell, guards one section of doors. He’s blocking construction workers who may want to pick the doors over before you customers can get your hands on them.

Last, the furniture of Second Use’s skilled staff is coming to life. Field Crew manager Seth D’Ambrosia is nearing the finish line on his customer service desk. Take note of the beautiful, unexpected design on the facade. Store Crew member Pat Mitchell does equally beautiful work, but his Receiving Crew desk isn’t quite as far along. Pat plans to use a single piece of wood for the drawer faces. When the drawers are all closed, the grains will be continuous.

Posted 9/25/2012