Homeowners often place newspaper underneath wood flooring during installation, largely to prevent squeaking. When you’re in the business of salvaging old flooring like we are, it’s common to come across these old newspapers. We recently found a Seattle Times from May 6, 1928 and thought we’d share.

The cover shot reads, “A Spring ‘Butterfly’ on Wheels: Here is one of the participants in a festive pageant staged recently by the town of Eisenach, in the district of Thuringia, Germany.”











An inside shot (top) reads, “Sing Yo Ho for the Pirates Gold! Pretty buccaneers landing their treasure chest at Long Beach, Cal., to seize a site for the Pacific Southwest Exposition.”

Another inside shot (lower) reads, “‘Joust’ in Fun: Miss Marian Williams of La Jolla, Cal., and Miss Patricia Cranford of London, crossing lances during a water fete in Pasadena, in which the men contestants were merely oarsmen.”








Last, there’s a story about the wealth of Australia. The story is cut off, but you can see the figure of $50 million at top.











Posted 1/27/2012