On a strip-out job at Bellevue High School, among the bookshelves and sinks, Second Use Field Crew member Flynn Bickley encountered an unusual item—his art.

Shortly before graduating from Bellevue High School in 1994, the school approached Bickley about painting a technology-themed mural for the school’s computer lab. It gave him paint and a canvas, and Bickley designed a mural with a metallic, central figure and various patterns around it. When salvaging other materials nearly two decades later, Bickley came across his picture again. “I was a little nostalgic when I saw it,” he says. “It’s cool to see something that you made when you were 17, 20 years later.”

Since the wing of the school was getting demoed, storeowner Patrick Burningham suggested the Field Crew bring the mural back to Second Use, where it can find a new home on one of the many walls.

Posted 3/12/2012