In the last year, Second Use has opened its items up to the rest of the nation by offering shipping. However, in lieu of everything else that is going with the move, we will temporarily shut down the service. (Exceptions may be made for small items that ship easily.) We will open shipping back up for out-of-staters once the dust settles after the move. In the meantime, Second Use’s latest moving project at the current space was moving the shipping “office.” The good news was that the “office” is actually just some racking in our Receiving area. The bad news was that there was a whole lot of stuff, besides just the shipping materials, that we had to pack up and move. In the picture, Second Use Field Crew member, Michael Greenwood, shows off the newly cleared rack. We’re one step closer to operating in the new space! And in the new space, we’ll have an actual shipping office.

Posted 8/9/2012