Second Use is proud to bring to your shopping experience a pool of experts who can help with your home needs. This month, we feature Wes Isbell from the Second Use Receiving Crew.

Isbell received his B.S. in architectural engineering from the University of Wyoming. He worked for two structural engineering firms, DCI Engineers and Quantum Consulting Engineers, prior to his position at Second Use.  Isbell has done structural design for projects varying from small residential remodels to new high-rise construction, but he prefers the more tangible scale of smaller projects.

At Second Use, customers can see Isbell’s work firsthand in the hanging light trellis. The light trellis was designed to better showcase the store’s rotating collection of about 100 vintage and high-end light fixtures. Staff built it from the wood of a demolished mezzanine, right in the warehouse. However, most remarkable about the trellis is the fact that Isbell designed tensioned chain braces to keep it from swinging—a huge asset when dealing with fragile lights.

With an interest in expanding the scope of salvage beyond finishes and décor, Isbell hopes to see it play a more integral role in architectural features and structural systems. If you have questions about incorporating salvage in your project, Isbell would be happy to help. If he is not around, there are plenty of other staff members on hand to help advise you on your home improvement projects, too.

Posted 1/2/2013