Unfortunately, a homeowner in the suburbs is demolishing a 25,000-square-foot home in order to build something different. Fortunately, this homeowner has called Second Use to salvage what we can before the structure goes down. The result is Second Use’s biggest project in our history. We’ve even brought in large machines to assist with the strip-out, which has happened only a handful of times in the last several years. The house has everything from tennis courts to a vault, a guest house to an elevator, a rose garden to a gym.

The Field Crew has allotted an entire month to this site. Please be patient with us as we push through this job and try to salvage as many materials as we can. Once it’s over, the Field Crew will go back to a more regular routine. If you want to get rid of materials, and it’s time-sensitive, consider bringing the materials out to us, rather than waiting for us to come to you.


Some of the materials already salvaged from the project include azul bahia granite, reggio ornate heating grates, built-in cabinets and paneled doors. We also got some unusual items like this concrete couch or this brass undermount sink. Click here to see a list of available items, or search the job number “111J5583.”
On Monday, the Field Crew busied itself with de-nailing and bundling trim; trying to remove huge concrete columns outside with a forklift; removing one of two solid marble columns in the upstairs bathroom; and of course collecting the usual odds and ends. To see what Seth, Flynn, Brad and Michael were up to that day, check out the pictures below.

Posted 6/6/2012