Second Use can’t say enough good things about the women at Hammer Like a Girl, and we are thrilled to be part of their recent blog post about salvaged doors.

The concept of their efforts is simple but brilliant– three women joining forces to improve their homes and skill sets. In the FAQs section of their site, they say this:

Why are you doing this?

-We want to get together – but we’re busy! We’ve got things to do! Painting, caulking, gardening, building, cleaning!  So, we thought, why not do those things as a group (brilliance!)

-Honestly, better ideas and better design come from working together, plus we nudge each other forward with those projects that are daunting and delayed.

-We get to make big messes at our friend’s houses!

-We get so much done. I mean, SO much done.

-We try things we would never dare on our own.

The women regularly get together to work on projects, ranging from art to millwork. The projects are both practical and social. Then, they blog about it, to encourage others to be bold and have fun.

If that’s not enough reason to love these ladies, salvage is a large part of their work. They’re regular customers at Second Use, but they also aren’t afraid to just grab something off the side of the road.

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll learn something. Check out Hammer Like a Girl.

Posted 2/8/2013