Thank you to everyone who brought in leftover paint for reuse last month, during Second Use’s and Novo Painting’s paint collection event. In one day, we were able to divert more than 415 gallons of paint from the landfill. Now, the paint is finding good homes within the community. Some of the community groups that are repurposing your paint include

  • Way Back Inn – This transitional housing organization has facilities in Renton, Kent and Tukwila. It will use the paint for maintenance projects.
  • White Center Community Development Association – This neighborhood group will use the paint for monthly community events throughout the summer. The paint will primarily go toward graffiti removal and mural painting.
  • Urban ArtWorks – This nonprofit is geared toward giving young people a space to create public art. It is responsible for the murals in the transit corridor, right by Second Use. The organization will use the paint for more murals.
  • Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center – This center for artists and events will use the paint for interior use.
  • Hat n’ Boots Park – Otherwise known as Oxbow Park, the collected paint will help with graffiti removal and general maintenance.
  • Miller School of Art – The school will use the paint for, not surprisingly, art projects.
  • United Artists of Georgetown – This group will use the paint for art.

The paint collection event would never have been possible without the help of the wonderful team at Novo Painting. Cole Palea and his partners volunteered their time that Sunday, opening up paint cans, lugging huge buckets, greeting visitors and generally supporting paint reuse efforts. The company has demonstrated a passion for sustainability and a high level of class in each interaction with Second Use.

Second Use often gets asked, “When will you do a paint collection again?” The short answer is we don’t know. The best way for a person to get the announcement, if we opt for doing another paint collection event, is by signing up for the Second Use newsletter. You may also consider keeping your eye on Novo’s blog, as the company has ongoing paint reuse efforts.

Posted 6/11/2013