Second Use will host March’s Backyard Barter event. Backyard Barter is an organization committed to building a bartering community with DIY folks who produce homegrown and homemade food, related skills, and materials. Through monthly barters and the organization’s website, people trade a huge selection of items– eggs, honey, baked goods, handmade soap, plants, garden seeds, kimchi, beer, mead, jams and jellies, just to name a few!

Barterers of all ages are welcome. If you want to come down and join in the trading, just bring some homemade or homegrown stuff of your own. You can to learn more. The event will be in Second Use’s east room, adjacent to the main store, on Sunday, March 24. Participants can sign in and set up between 11 and 11:30 a.m., and the bartering starts at noon. The event should last for about another hour from there.

If you decide to join in the barter, please RSVP on Backyard Barter’s March Facebook event page, so staff can make sure to accommodate everyone. For more information about attending, contact Joy Worthen at 206-249-7569 or [email protected]. You can also check out Backyard Barter on Facebook here.

Posted 3/11/2013