Second Second Use is proud to bring to your shopping experience a pool of experts who can help with your home needs. This month, we feature Luke Gentry, one of Second Use’s several woodworking experts.

Gentry learned general carpentry and handyman-ship from his grandfather starting at an early age. As an adult he spent a number of years constructing post-frame buildings and working on home remodel projects. Realizing that the finer aspects of woodworking appealed to him most, he decided to attend cabinet and fine furniture making school at the Wood Construction Center in Seattle. Gentry has been working with salvaged building materials throughout the entirety of his woodworking career.

After cabinet and furniture school, Gentry sought to further his woodworking education. A love for hand tools and the “old ways of woodworking” led him to seek a teacher with similar practices. He found this teacher in Dale Brotherton, from whom he studied the art of Japanese-style woodworking for three years.

Gentry has worked at Second Use for six years, wearing many different hats. Now, he works most regularly in the store and yard, Friday through Sunday. When he is not at Second Use or working in the shop, he attends physical therapy school. He is very familiar with wood species identification, the processes of preparing materials for use, and their implementation in many construction applications. Feel free to ask him any questions when you see him!

Posted 6/6/2013