Reapproach your project with the insight and guidance of an experienced salvage specialist. In-house designer Sheena McNeice-Hewett offers expertise in the realms of architecture, interior design, and furniture building; allowing you to reap aesthetic, financial, and environmental benefits of salvage without the guesswork.

Scope of Services Includes:

  • Custom furniture design and building-spacial designs for exterior spaces, interior remodel, new Construction under 4,000 SF*, and interior decorating
  • Drawn plans/elevations/sections/details/perspectives
  • Physical models
  • Computer generated drawings and models

Second Use is offering a series of complimentary 40-minute design consultations every Saturday in February from 12-4 on the hour. Appointments required. Please contact[email protected] for scheduling.

*As an unlicenced architect, Sheena can offer nonstructural planning for spaces under 4,000 SF