Greg Cater of The Reclaimed Wood Blog recently paid a visit to Second Use for a tour with our receiving manager, Wes Isbell.  Cater details his visit in his recent article, “Salvage Made Easy.”

“There are several reasons why we go to the salvage yard, ” the article begins.  “It might be the thrill of the hunt, to save a buck or two, or maybe we just can’t bear to see good things going to the landfill. No matter the reason, when you think about the salvage yard, what probably comes to mind is piles of disorganized building materials and way too much time spent hoping you’ll find what you’re looking for. If that’s your perception I’m pretty sure you haven’t stopped in at Second Use in Seattle.”

Greg highlights our organized storefront, online inventory, and relationship with Habitat for Humanity.  We couldn’t be more thankful for his recognition and encourage you to check out the full article on The Reclaimed Wood Blog.