Submission by Victoria Ringseth

“I am restoring my mountain cabin which was built in 1959. The upstairs had a very dinghy attic conversion and bathroom which needed some love.

For the bathroom, I got a colored vintage sink, to function as a vessel-sink, sitting on top of a quartz slab as opposed to on the pedestal.  Now I needed a vintage medicine cabinet which would properly compete with the sink for attention.  I found just the medicine cabinet at Second Use. It is large with great solid wood bones, it’s nice white paint already distressed for me!  I felt like putting some icing on the cake in the form of chippy hinges…and Second Use didn’t disappoint.  I not only found these lovely green, sturdy hinges, but two lovely brass pulls for the cabinet which I distressed and painted a bit.

I retained the existing vanity….painting and then adding a weathered look….and got a used light fixture with faux antlers which I painted pink.

For the attic, I painted, and added new flooring an a vintage light fixture.  The new space was lovely, but it was hiding behind a wood door.  I found the most elegant  solid wood door with  clear glass at Second Use.  Thanks to this delightful little door, the inviting room pops out whether or not you enter it.

Second Use has made my Second floor come alive….at a very low price!”

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