Submitted by Alea DeNeau

“I built this wall divider in order to provide separation between the living room and kitchen in a bank-owned home I bought and remodeled.  I have included a ‘before’ photo of how it looked when I bought it.  There was no separation at all between the living room, which also had a dining area, and then ran right into the kitchen. 

I thought that I didn’t want a solid wall, I wanted light to pass through, but I wanted to obscure the view as well.  Second Use had some reed glass panels / dividers in stock at the time, and I came in to look at those….  While there, I looked out in the window-yard, and found the two tulip glass aluminum windows.  Even though their sizes differed, I decided on these, and figured that I could “figure it out”, and come up with something perfect.  I had a great carpenter helping me out, and he crafted the walls using some clear fir that I bought him, and extra cabinet ends / panels from the matching cabinets I got at Second Use.  *I bought the home with only one wall of cabinets and no uppers.  Notice that now there are two walls of cabinets as well as uppers – Second Use got in the very same cabinets as the previous owner had installed before the house was foreclosed on – wow!!!  I was able to purchase enough cabinets at Second Use to make the eating bar which facilitated the use of the shorter window, and I bought one cabinet just to use for “parts”.  Oh, and the appliances, excepting the dishwasher, are from Second Use, …..and the back door with half glass.  In constructing the walls, my carpenter was able to cover up most of the aluminum window frames, and the look was just what I wanted!  – Perfect!”