Submitted by Eric Martinez 

Eric Martinez shares his salvage story of transforming a piece of otherwise overlooked old wood into a functional dining table for a tiny house.

“This was a project for a customer’s tiny house.  The entire table is made from red oak with some inlays of purple heart that I saved from the trash heap. They wanted to use recycled materials so we looked for something to turn into a dining table that can fold away when not in use. At the store we stumbled on this unidentified broken paneled item and my client asked if I could use it as a table. The item was falling apart and had a nasty brown crackling finish which was covered in mold and dirt.  I took the entire thing apart and re-cut the outer edges to remove the cracked and broken edges.  I then stripped off the finish and added an outer frame to make the table a bit larger and to help hold the original item together.  After that I made the wall mount and folding leg mechanism using more red oak and solid brass hardware, some of which I custom forged.”


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