Submitted by Scott Connell

Scott Connell, winner of our Customer Project Submission Contest shares his design process and inspiration for this stunning multifunctional table.

“I thought I would submit this bench/coffee table that I made completely out of Second Use materials.  The main part is made from those aircraft part shipping crates that Second Use has been selling lately.  The legs are made from some scrap mahogany that I bought there awhile back and had been waiting for the right project for which to utilize it. What I am most proud of on this is the “waterfall” miter joint on one end where the top angles down into a leg.  I cut the joint so it gives the appearance that the wood grain actually turns down the 90 degree angle (hopefully this makes sense). The legs on the other end are made from scrap mahogany and I joined the cross braces with exposed lag screws because I wanted to try and stay consistent with the look of the two holes on the top where the crate fastened together at one time.”

If you’re as fond of Scott’s work as we are, check out his Etsy Page.

Do you have a salvage project to share? Email [email protected] a few pictures and a description of the project and process. All submissions will be entered to win a monthly raffle for $10 Second Use store credit.