Submitted by Alison Park-Douglas

Inspiration: “We needed a new desk, but we were pretty disappointed by the selection available from retail stores. They were either ridiculously expensive, or very poor quality. I run my own business, and work from home, so I wanted a desk I’d be happy with. Buying reclaimed wood from Second Use allowed us to build an affordable, eco-friendly desk that’s unique and beautiful.

Creation Process: We cut down a 9′ mixed tropical wood plank into 4.5′ segments and doweled them together into a slab that would be wide enough to use as a desktop. We then planed and sanded it mostly flat, although there was a slight curl that developed on one side as the slab dried out. We decided to make that into an ergonomic feature for keyboard use. The topcoat is spar urethane and gloss polyurethane over a natural stain. The desk legs were created by a metalworker friend of ours in Seattle. Everything is joined with stainless fasteners for strength and beauty.

Materials Used: Reclaimed wood.”

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