Stash away those thoughts of claustrophobia! Moving into a smaller space doesn’t necessarily mean being crowded by items or living a barren and sparse lifestyle. Approach a smaller living space creatively to maximize your space effectively. To waste not one inch of your small space consider the following key components: chic minimalism, innovative storage spaces, unique partitions, incorporating beloved statement pieces, furniture that is multifunctional, and color play.

Check out the following resources for TipsTricks, and Home Improvement Ideas on creatively, beautifully, and affordably decorating a small apartment, as well as the Second Use inventory for materials.

We even have complete efficiency kitchen units (check out our blog post here for more details) in stock and ready to be installed!

And for the very handy- we’ll leave you with these two multifunctional items we can’t get enough of.  If you manage to create the “sleep desk” found here or clever kitty litter box found here from salvaged materials, please do share!