Are you planning a remodel?

If your project includes the demolition of a space greater than 750 square feet, the City of Seattle now requires a verified agent to complete a Deconstruction and Salvage Assessment. As a verified agent, we are pleased to offer these services free of charge to the homeowner and contractor.

What does a verified agent do?

At this time, a verified agent is required to identify material with salvage potential. Materials need not require to be salvaged at this time, but the assessment allows you to be aware of alternatives to waste. If Second Use identifies salvageable material on your job site, we will propose a plan to salvage the material ourselves.

Do you charge to salvage materials?

No! Second Use works only for the value of the materials, and often offers compensation for high value items in the form of cash, store credit, or Habitat for Humanity tax receipt. Furthermore, salvage reduces the cost of the waste and demolition charges, saving money for both the contractor and homeowner.

Do I have to accept your bid to salvage my materials?

Nope- if our proposal doesn’t fit with your timeline or needs, there is no obligation to accept. However, we heavily encourage you consider the many benefits of salvage. It saves time, money, value, and our planet without affecting the critical path of your job.

How do I request a Free Salvage Assessment?

If you are in need of a Salvage Assessment, fill out our online form. Our crew will be in touch within 24 hours to arrange a preview.