As passionate advocates of reuse, we are always thrilled to recommend other businesses that prioritize the creative upcycling of resources. Bedrock Industries is by no means a newcomer to the reuse game- they’ve been around since 1992 and were committed to creating merchandise that offers consumers a path to conscious consumption before “going green” was a thing.  Their products are made by hand in the Interbay neighborhood of Seattle using glass waste they collect and recycle into a wide range of goods including tile, garden art, mosaic supplies and a variety of home decor items.  

Not unlike many of our salvaged materials, their glass products are a vibrant, sustainable addition to any space that double as a conversation piece.

Visit their Stoneyard shop or shop online to see for yourself, and don’t miss your chance to snag thier coupon for 25% Off Blazestone Tile 2nds or 10% Off Blazestone 1st Quality Tile in our 2016 Second Use Calendar!