Second Use Customer Carma Gael created this striking coat rack and shelf from a foundry pattern they purchased at the Second Use store.  Although they were originally looking for a worn piece of wood to give the coat rack an industrial feel, they “knew they were on to something” when they stumbled across the wealth of foundry patterns at the store.

In addition to liking the color, wear, hand printed “S,” and metal placard on the piece, it resonated with a piece of personal history.  Their grandfather worked at a foundry as a Master Pattern Maker, a position that is now scarce.  They describe him as the kind of guy that could “make or improve anything,” a 75 year member of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Union, and an impressive 104 years old when he passed away last year.

Below, Carma gives you a quick run down of the materials they used, and the time and financial investment it would take you to make something similar:

Materials Used: Foundry pattern, 7 cup hooks, 7 hook & eye turnbuckles, 2 nautical rope hooks, and 2 french cleats to affix the piece to the wall

Project Time:  It took about 3 hours.

Material Cost:  The foundry pattern + $95.00.

Any tips for working with the material?  Drill pilot holes to avoid cracking.

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