Meet the Von Thompsons. They are a family of “makers.” They live in an upcycled school bus and spend their days repurposing old things that have been cast aside, giving them new life. They design and make many of their belongings, from their own house, to the decorations that go in it. They feel that this type of intentional living has led to the “good life”… and hope to inspire a few to do the same!

Join the Von Thompsons and Second Use for a free talk followed by a Q&A aimed to get your creative juices flowing! Whether you too are on the quest to live in a tiny house, or just want to learn about the benefits of creative, intentional living, this event is sure to be energizing and inspiring.

What: Reclaimed Materials: Stepping Stones to the Good Life Workshop

When: Saturday, January 23rd from 11-12:30

Where: Second Use Building Materials (3223 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134)

Cost: Free

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